“Because not everyone has the overwhelming desire to trade it all in for a life of endless travel.”


In a world where we’re constantly being told to “quit your job and travel the world”, here’s a few reasons why we’re content doing just the opposite…

We have jobs.

Jobs we actually love. No really.
Sure, there are many great travel bloggers out there making a bonafide living from a life on the road. It all seems oh-so glamourous what with the free trips, and *amazing* photographs, but being a full-time travel blogger is hard work. You’re not holidaying. You’re creating content. There’s endless hours spent in front of a computer editing posts, photos, and videos. Then there’s marketing, networking, advertising, freelancing, and that’s all between chasing wi-fi signal, delays in airports, and meeting deadlines. You need to be constantly working on improving your website, your brand, your business. And here’s the thing – you need to be *really* good at it. Most people who set out to be a travel blogger wont make it through the first year. The life of a struggling artist is not for everybody, and for us, our regular jobs fortunately afford us the luxury of being able to travel the way we want, and how we want.

We like nice things

Unless you’re doing this professionally and travelling on other peoples dime, let’s face it, travel isn’t cheap. We all know someone who quit their job and set off to travel indefinitely, only to be home within 12 months because they ran out of money. Without a source of income, you need to be pretty careful with how you spend your money while you’re travelling. We’re well and truly out of our 20’s now. We don’t want to (or need to) travel on a shoestring. We prefer hotels over hostels. Direct flights over cheaper layovers. We don’t want to have to swipe extra food from the breakfast buffet to avoid having to purchase snacks later on. We want to be able to indulge and not have to worry about how we’ll afford to eat next week. If this makes us snobs, or god forbid “tourists” instead  of “travellers”, then we’re 100% ok with that.

We’re not (insta) worthy

A successful travel blog usually goes hand-in-hand with carefully curated social media accounts. There’s no way we’re ever going to be seen in a bikini or with our shirts off on the edge of an infinity pool. That’s not to say we’re completely un-photogenic, but quite frankly we’d rather photograph the scene in front of us, than spend forever trying to get that insta-perfect photo that’s going to get us maximum likes and followers. Besides, we usually travel with only two changes of clothes – who has that much space in their bags for multiple cute outfit changes?